Trung tâm báo cháy 20 kênh NITTAN 1PM2-20LA

- The 1PM2 is a conventional fire alarm panel with a stylish wall-mount design supplied in 10 to 60 zone formats. All detector circuits will be indicated with lighting red LEDs in alarm conditions and flushing in open circuit fault conditions. Slide-in paper labels are included for clear zone identification. The alarm panel has an alarm delay function on every detector circuits to reduce false alarms, including a zone-byzone settable delay ON/OFF function.

- 10 to 60 zone model available.

- Extra slim design.

- Highly reliable design by adopting durable LED indicators and CPU.

- 10 to 20 circuits for zone alarm bells available (depends on the model on purchased).

- Alarm delay function.

- Alarm delay ON/OFF switch function.

- Trouble monitoring function.

- CPU trouble back-up function.

- Re-sounding mode of a panel buzzer.

- Equipped with high protection for Lightning surge.

- Interrupting function for emergency announcements to silence zone alarms.

- 3 alarm indicators for indicating the alarm inputs from building facilities such as hydrants.

- CPU trouble back-up function.

- Capability of transmitting the second fire signal.

- Signal transmit for Emergency PA facility also equipped.

- Easy wiring by Push-in terminals’ one-touch connection.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model  1PM2-20LA
Number of Zones 20
Number of Bells (10 mA) 20
Number of Bell Blocks 15
Primary Rated Current (220VAC) 0.39 A
Standby Battery 0.45 Ah
Mounting Type Wall-mounting type
Dimensions (mm) W 450 x H 760 x D 100
Weight 18 kg

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

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